Whether on the 6pm news or sitting around a dinner table with friends, Arielle Clay thrives on telling a good story. The hard hitting journalist and charismatic television host worked as Durham’s bureau reporter for WRAL News; the #1 station in the Raleigh-Durham market.  Over her eight year career, Arielle has expertly tackled a variety of roles in the newsroom and story topics out in the field. 

Working her way up the ladder in the news industry has not been easy for Arielle but it certainly has been worth it.  She started at the #3 station in Augusta, Ga immediately after graduating from the University of Miami.  Arielle learned to steadily deliver powerful and creative work under extreme deadline pressure.  On weekends, she took a seat behind the anchor desk for WAGT’s Saturday night newscast; a show she also produced.

After leaving Augusta, Arielle headed back to her beloved hometown of Birmingham, AL.  She was hired by the #1 station in the market and quickly adjusted to the high expectations

of this dominant powerhouse.  Arielle worked first as an editor and multimedia journalist.  After only  6 months she was promoted to morning reporter and weekend anchor.  While in Birmingham, Arielle covered several nationally reported stories including the April 27th tornadoes and the BP Gulf Oil Spill.

At WRAL News, Arielle managed the bureau in Durham.  She developed contacts, tracked court cases, and pitched unique story ideas that helped drive ratings. Arielle was known as a team player who enjoyed collaborating with others in the newsroom to deliver engaging content to the Raleigh-Durham market.

When outside of the newsroom, Arielle takes every opportunity possible to travel.  She enjoys roaming the country to attend music festivals and explore new cities.  Arielle also loves international travel and is grateful to have seen many of the wonders of the world including Macchu Picchu and the Taj Mahal.